A regular high-school with daylight but when it becomes dark....
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 The Dark Hour, a persona 3 rpg

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Rima Touya

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PostSubject: The Dark Hour, a persona 3 rpg   Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:01 am

I know that Death high is dead because no one comes on, so i made a new one. Do join, i promise it won't be inactive. ^^

It's been 10 years since Minato Arisato have left the city and now he's back to attend the rest of his normal high-school life. But unfortunately it wasn't normal for him, he was found by S.E.E.S and became a member of their team.

Their main purpose was to kill all the shadows and to destory Tartarus, the home of these shadows. Their plan was going well, but on the day of the last shadow something went wrong. The team did not find any shadow to kill or any strega at that point. They called it quits until Fuuka has detected it back but it's been a month and there was no sign of any of those 14 shadows.

Later on, the member of the S.E.E.S had found another place in Tartarus, the team had went in to investigate it but returned empty handed, they had found a piece of crystal that was in the heart of that door but it had disappeared as Arisato touched it.

The next day, Arisato realizes that all of his personas have disappeared and was left with only Orpheus, he had lost the power to control different kind of persona (s).

On their next quest to Tartarus the members of S.E.E.S encountered other Persona Users that they have never seen, they weren't strega and they weren't shadows. They were a new group of Persona Users, the Death Gods, as they named themselves. A group that weren't happy with the S.E.E.S or stregas, they disappeared without saying their names or showing their identities. The only thing the heros knew where their group's name.

The team realizes that they have a new problem in their hands, but it become worst when there became a increase of shadows and when the Stregas show themselves more then often, what will S.E.E.S do this time?


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Kai Saeko

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Hour, a persona 3 rpg   Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:35 am

oi oi... i kno this is outta topic...but P4 seems much more realistic...n much funny n MUCH BETTER!!! i love Yosuke...the 2nd character n Naoto SHirogane...a guy-girl who looks lyk arisato...

haha... Teddie...too! they're my FAV; too bad u didn'tget to see me playing it.! lol


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The Dark Hour, a persona 3 rpg
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