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 Kai's Weapon

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Kai Saeko

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PostSubject: Kai's Weapon   Wed Dec 03, 2008 1:41 am

Weapon: A long extracurricular Sniper Rifle & A Blood Lust Red Handled Katana

Usage :
- The Sniper Rifle is for shooting down enemies from a certain long distance (well duh!) Normally equipped with 0.66 mm bullet shells.
- The Red-Handled Katana is the katana handed down to Kai from his great great grandparents, and it's said to be a family rune. Kai takes pride in carrying it and only uses it when it comes down to the critical limits. The Blade of the katana is also dyed Blood Red.
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Rima Touya

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PostSubject: Re: Kai's Weapon   Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:12 pm

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Kai's Weapon
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