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 Rules on the Forum

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Rima Touya

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Enrolled Name: Rima Touya
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PostSubject: Rules on the Forum   Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:14 pm

Here are the rules for the forum, everyone is expected to follow them.

1) While Rping, before making a topic please write if it's "day" or "night". (for example: Art Class (day))

2) Rude language will not be tolerated in this forum.

3) No spamming allowed, it displeases other people and admins.

4) While Rping, you must write more then 50 words.

5) not butting in, if you have something to say that is not included in the topic please use this. (OOC: ...)

6) Try your very best not to go off-topic.

7) You may not god-mode, you can say "I dropped the books on Ray and he looked as if he was about to cry" but u cannot say "I dropped the books on Ray and he kneel down crying out for his ma-ma"

8 ) Bullying will not be allowed, no kicking other people, if something is bothering you PM me,

9) No pictures or anything on the "s-e-x"...this is so not the site for it.

10) all students must wear their uniform, a white top and a black shirt. Weekends do not count...Teachers can wear watever they please.

More rules will be added but before that, please enjoy.
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Kai Saeko

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Enrolled Name: Kai Saeko
School Year (for students)\Subject (for teachers): Junior Year

PostSubject: Re: Rules on the Forum   Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:19 pm

<another two rules added!>

11) all students not obeying the rules will be expelled from Deathhigh

12) This forum is for people above 12+ (i.e. 13s) only...anyone under 13 is not allowed to enroll for Death High
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Rules on the Forum
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